About Ralph

Hi, I´m Ralph, I´m passionate about taking images of people and ordinary situations in the cities of the world.
Since more than 30 I´m working as a pilot and a few years ago I decided to take my camera with me walking around in the streets.
People are fascinating me and faces are fascinating me.
Faces are always telling stories, sometimes boring stories, sometimes thrilling ones. I want to tell stories of the streets for you!
When people are moving around in the world they are always interacting - sometimes obviously and sometimes more subtle. 
All of us want to show ourselves in a certain way, and we want to hide some sides of us. But when we are not acting, seeming to be unobserved, our face tells the true story or a different one.
I´m interested in the stories we don´t want to tell. 
Enjoy my stories of the people all over the world and let the images affect you. Feel the emotions and try to catch the mystery of the visible.

I´m looking forward to read your comments and to get in contact with you!


About Streetphotography

Street Photography is an art form that exists now for more than 150 years. Images of the most famous photographers can be seen in the best museums around the world.
What would we know about our past and how it looked like without all the photographers documenting ordinary life on the streets.
You want to know more about Street Photography?
follow this link `Street Photography` to Wikipedia 

Ralph Striewski, Fotograf und Pilot - Ralph Striewski Images