Street - Art - Photography 

"The true mystery of the world is the visible not the invisible"  Oscar Wilde

Ralph Striewski, Photographer and Pilot - Ralph Stiewski Images
Families in Mumbai - Powai
Old lady and a man carrying a boy

Mysterious stories from normal life on the streets

What happens here?

An old lady is followed by a man who carries a young boy over his shoulder.

Does the man deliver a young boy to a witch or is there no relation between both parties? 

We´ll never know. 

It´s never as we suppose - there is no reality only interpretations.

Enjoy the stories and the images!

Bub rennt und schaut in Oaxaca, Mexiko

People from all kinds of cultures and countries

All emotions are shown in the face.

We recognize, joy and sorrow, disgust and rage - the expressions are the same everywhere.

Nevertheless people behave differently in different cultures. 

Can you recognize in the faces where the image was taken? 

Despite of all these differences we all live on this one planet.

The more we move around and travel on this planet the more we have to take care of our earth.

We don´t have another one.

Rauchender Mann in New York Citiy

Emotions in Faces

Faces are fascinating me. I´m especially fascinated by the expression of people, who think that they are unobserved.

They don´t want to act in this moment, they look inside and forget their masks. 

Can we recognize what they are thinking?

Can we look behind the fasade with a candid image? I don´t know, but I always will try read their faces.

Be inspired and try to get behind the mystery of the visible.